My life started  in the city of Hamburg, Germany. My welcome on this earth was a big, white, curly haired toy rabbit. When I was 10 years old I finally could convince my parents that I , of course, could overtake the responsibility for a dog. My love on first sight, the chocolate looking SCHOKO ,a shorthaired Dackel,joined my life from now on, until he ran under a street car while I was in hospital. My younger brother picked a Cocker from somewhere outside to comfort me. My father ran and came back with a wonderful red boxer, Axel, who became my compagnion for many years.Besides my dogs I cared for my greece tortoise and my many lizards,frogs, toads and salamanders in my terraria. Animals had always the strongest impact on my life. They just played the biggest role in my life and they still do.

Once grown up, I moved to the country side, where I bred with a big love and commitment Boxers. When being long enough a breeding member in the Boxer Club I became a breed ward. There I had to realize that people bred for many reasons. One intented to buy a new car (the bitch stayed empty), one wanted to visit another continent (the bitch could not be bred of spondylosis), one wanted to give the kids the pleasure of playing with pups and so on. I tried hard to make understood my devotion to the breed.

After 15 years, I changed my breeding activities to Welsh Corgi Cardigans. Unfortunately I got Multiple Sklerose without knowing the diagnosis for many years, but nevertheless I felt it. Boxers are a very lively breed. They needed more power then I had.

What looked like an „instead solution“, became a serious engagement.

By coincidence the Cardigans came into my life. A decision which I never regretted! I bred these jokey and humorous dogs for another 15 years. Nowadays my FAYDOM“ Cardigan Corgis can be found in many successful lines in Europe and America.

Altogether I have been breeding 30 litters in 30 years. Unfortunately I had to except that my Multiple Sklerose stopped my breeding activities completely.

At the same time Tuulia from Finland wanted to come to Germany as an AU-Pair girl. When I called her to cancel her trip because of my fresh MS diagnosis, she answered spontaneously:“and don’t you need me now more than ever?“

So in 1993 Pyry and Kipina, two Australian Cattle Dogs, came into my life together with their owner Tuulia Heikkinen.

She started to breed both bitches. That was the beginning of her successful WINDWARRIOR KENNELS. I joined her joy about the puppies and accompanied their growing success. We shared our common interest in breeding in endless talkings. No outsider will ever understand how much two dog people can talk around the subject „breeding Australian Cattle Dogs“


In 1995 I moved with Tuulia to her home country. On the boat to Finland travelled my personal Arche Noah with 36 animals from Chinchillas, reptiles, dogs up to my horse.

Tuulia’s first two ACD litters were still born under her prenoun WINDWARRIOR in German VDH. In 1995 Tuulia and I moved to Finland where she saw more breeding freedom for her aims in Australian Cattle Dog, a breeding without loosing her high ethical principles.

Enjoying already the success of two litters by the Australian import stud to Belgium PAVESI BLUE JONDOLYN , we searched for contact with one of the oldest and most successfull kennels in Australia, the PAVESI KENNELS . It took us two long years to convince Julie Park of our serious interest in the breed until she sent PAVESI BLUE JONQUEST on the long flight from Sydney, via Frankfurt to Helsinki.

He is the father of many excellent sons and daughters. Being successfully shown and not frozen to death in Finnish winter (Julie’s biggest fear), we were happy to greet next lovely PAVESI BLUE WIND at Helsinki airport. She was a persistent BOB winner during her show career and broaded the breeding basis of WINDWARRIOR by her good genes. And she passed successfully on her great temperament – plus appetit to her children.Now as a veteran she reminds us every day who is the boss in this house.

Perhaps the best victory gave Tuulia PAVESI MISS AUSSIE, when Tuulia brought her direct from a long flight from Sydney to the annual meeting of about 50 Finnish judges and club officials. I presented the puppy on a small table, where she showed -according to her name – that she was, a real MISS. Everyone was delighted about her beauty and temperament. Years later she became Worldwinner, several times an instinctsure brood bitch and passed on her quality. She became dam of WINDWARRIOR’s FRANTIC CHARM, known from many pedigrees. I called him Heinmueck, a name rather difficult to pronounce for Finnish tongues.

We had found a small house in a huge area, consisting of forest and meadows. My dream of a life in paradise and freedom with my animals came finally true.

Since 2008 my family has a new member, young ACD JAYBLUE AUSSIE SALUTE, who once shall give WINDWARRIOR breeding new blood. So far he is prcd2 A and his BAER testing showed that he is bilateral hearing. Life with him gives me all the joy, I had been longing for. He is the star of my life!

Besides SALUTE I enjoy in my wheelchair the more passive computer work on my homepage „ACD-SERVICE“.

Still it is a never ending joy to take part in the life of Tuulia’s ACDs. We still enjoy to discuss the phaeno- and genotype of the dogs, who are sharing our lifes. All our interest is still turning around the Australian Cattle Dogs.

The ACD-SERVICE site shall be a helpful mirror of the breed for fans and breeders where information of the past and nowadays are collected. I shall try to add as many facts as possible who then might be of some help in breeding sound and handsome ACDs.

Please, help to update this site regularly by informing me about news from your ACDs. Any idea will be very welcome! Good luck with your ACDS!


About acdisla

Mit 20 Jahren war ich verheiratet und mit 28 Jahren hatte ich drei Töchter. Ih war eine gute Hausfrau und Mutter. Kochen, Waschen, Hausaufgaben mit den Kindern, kutschierte alle zu den Freizeitaktivitäten und, und und. Abends dann Befriedigung des Ehemanns. Mit 37 Jahren war ich am Ende. Drei Selbstmordversuche zeigten meine Verzweiflung. Geändert haben sie an meiner ehelichen Einöde nichts. Ich rettete mich durch Scheidung, lernte mit Feuereifer und fand einen interessanten, mich fordernden Beruf.Unterstuetzung gab mir eine neue Freundin. Die Rechnung fuer 17 Jahre ehelicher Vergewaltigung kam in Form eines Koma in dem eine meiner drei Töchter neben meinem Bett sass. Das folgende Jahr verbrachte ich im Krankenhaus und erholte mich langsam von einer fast ganzseitigen Lähmung, Verlust meiner Muttersprache und meiner Erinnerung. Halbwegs wieder intakt, bekam ich Multiple Sklerose. Nach einem langjährigen Versuch Kindern in einem Kuenstlerdorf Sport beizubringen, habe ich einen idyllischen Restbauernhof gekauft und ein Hotel fuer Hunde aufgemacht. Das wurde der grösste und erfolgreichste Spass in meinem Leben. Inzwischen fand ich in Finnland ein traumhaftes Zuhause. Auf 50 000 qm konnen wir und unsere Hunde so frei leben, wie wir es uns erträumt hatten. Mir hat die MS inzwischen einen elektrischen Rollstuhl beschert, was der Mobilität ganz neue Dimensionen gibt. Meine Gedanken habe ich hier teils in Reimen, teils in Prosa aufgeschrieben. Viel Spass beim Lesen.
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